You will hear a recording. Select the paragraph that best relates to the recording.


(1) A new project intends to use garages to provide housing for the homeless in London. Although small, there will be areas outside the home to prepare food and clean clothes. The houses will provide both accommodation and training for the people living there.

(2) A new project will look at the problems of housing in London. Because housing is too expensive in the city, people have had to move into garages. Researchers hope their new project will solve this problem by getting people into better homes and also back in work.

(3) A recent project will aim to put homeless people into their own homes. They will each have their own bedroom, shower room, kitchen and garage and will need to build the homes themselves. Having your own space is generally better than sharing a larger home with others.

(4) A recent project will aim to give homeless people education and training in building houses and garages for key workers in the most expensive neighborhoods of London. The houses will help people get to work more quickly because of their central location.

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