Q116. Updated reading and writing fill in the blanks

Reading and Writing fill in the blanks practice exercise. Below is text with blanks. Choose the correct word for each blank to complete the text.  

Opportunity cost incorporates the (1) …………. of scarcity: No matter what we do, there is always a trade-off. We must trade off one thing for another because resources are limited and can be used in different ways. By acquiring something, we use up resources that could have been used to acquire something else. The notion of opportunity cost allows us to measure this (2) …………. Most decisions (3) …………. several alternatives. For example, if you spend an hour studying for an economics exam, you have one fewer hour to (4) ………… other activities. To (5) …………. the opportunity cost of an activity, we look at what you consider the best of these ‘other’ activities. For example, suppose the alternatives to studying economics are studying for a history exam or working in a job that pays $10 per hour. If you consider studying for history a (6) ………… use of your time than working, then the opportunity cost of studying economics is the four extra points you could have received on a history exam if you studied history instead of economics. Alternatively, if working is the best alternative, the opportunity cost of studying economics is the $10 you could have earned instead.

1. Probability, use, notion, idea,
2. trade, tradeoff, provision, offset
3. Include, were involving, involve, have involved
4. pursue, host, launch,  change
5. reduce, raise,  grasp, determine
6. better, worst, best, worse

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