Q91. PTE Reorder Paragraph

The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Reorder the paragraphs. 

A. During this time, he also briefly held a job as an airplane mechanic in Billings, Montana, working at the Billings Municipal Airport (later renamed Billings Logan International Airport.

B. Which the academy President Ray Page insisted upon in the event the novice flyer were to damage the school’s only trainer in the process.

C. To both gain some needed flight experience and earn money for additional instruction, Lindbergh left Montana in June to spend the next few months barnstorming across Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, as a wing walker and parachutist with E.G. Bahl and later H.L. Lynch.

D. A few days later, Lindbergh took his first formal flying lesson in that same machine with instructor-pilot Ira 0. Biffle, although the then 20-year-old student pilot was never permitted to “solo” during his time at the school because he could not afford to post a bond.

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