Q90. PTE Reorder Paragraph

The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Reorder the paragraphs.

A. According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies in 2014 a 11-year-old boy was unable to live with his family, due to child abuse.

B. But upbringing in the foster care system means he has no-one to help him. It’s not his fault, yet he is being penalised for something he can’t change.

C. Children like him involved with child protective services were shown to have consistently low average math and reading standardized test scores.

D. He went to two schools while he was in foster care and one was Barr Beacon School, formerly Barr Beacon Language College, is a mixed comprehensive for foster children.

E. One of the recommendations was to send him to his relatives who were willing to take care until he was 18. This resulted a positive outcome in academic achievement.

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