Q84. PTE Reorder Paragraph

The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Reorder the paragraphs. 

A. Most people, especially for Pacific Islanders, are aware of the sea level change which may caused by many factors, but no of them has deeper sensation of flooding than Tuvaluan.

B. Tuvalu, a coral country, consists of nine low-lying islands in the central Pacific between the latitudes of 5 and 10 degrees south, has the average elevation of 2 meters up to sea level.

C. Local people called the flooding water oozes up out of the ground “King Tide”, that happened almost once or twice a year, which destroyed the plant, polluted their fresh water, and forced them to colonize to some other countries.

D. Meanwhile, the maximum sea level recorded was 3.44m on February 28th 2006 that damaged Tuvaluan’s property badly.

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