What you need to avoid in PTE Exam For achieving required score


    For PTE Exam, take at least one month to get well prepared. You should be aware about all modules of PTE, time management as well as scoring system. You must be aware about the basic things of PTE. It has three sections- Speaking and Writing, Listening, Reading. These three sections further have different topics with allotted timer. And the complete Test would be of 3 hours. There are many online PTE websites where you can practice. We recommend you to practice from www.trypte.com which provides updated PTE material for practice. You can get best tips and tricks to crack each module as well Mock test gives you real Exam Experience which helps you to know where you stand or where you lack as you can know about the time management i.e. how to use it carefully during Exam and your weak areas. During exam, you need to avoid many things to get high scores. These are: –

    1. Don’t speak fastly. Speak clearly and calmly.
    2. Don’t be in hurry to finish your task.
    3. Concentrate on your pronunciation in speaking Section.
    4. Don’t use fillers in speaking tasks like Ummm, uhhhh.
    5. One of the common mistake that most of the students do is that they click on the next option until the status bar of recording is not completed. This will result in the reduction of your marks as your given answer will not get recorded.
    6. Try to avoid the repetition words. Make use of synonyms.
    7. As recording will be played only once. So, you should be alert.
    8. In Exam, you will be provided erasable notepad. Make sure you use this for writing the important notes or keywords for some questions.
    9. Don’t try to speak before the microphone begins.
    10. During recording your answer, don’t get a pause for more
    11. In the writing part, during writing, check your grammatical errors. And there should be coherence among the given ideas in answer.
    12. Concentrate on Capital letters, full stop, commas and punctuation.
    13. In the writing section, Write down your answer within the given word limit. Don’t exceed your answer.
    14. In essay writing, there should be proper opening and conclusion. There should be meaningful ideas that best relate to the given essay.
    15. Tryto adhere to the word limit to achieve better score.
    16. In Reading and Listening section, try to use skimming and scanning strategy to save time.
    17. Attemptall the Question.
    18. Don’t use the same words frequently like “and”, “as”, “so” etc.
    19. Don’t try to correct yourself in speaking part.
    20. In writing section, try to use more connectors, appropriate examples and conclusion in the end.
    21. In listening part, don’t try to listen the recording that you missed.
    22. Concentration is very important. Don’t loose it. Well prepared before the task begins.
    23. Don’t try to search for the same exact words to get the answer of the given question.

    So, these are the important points that you should keep in mind during your exam. If you get to know about your weak areas, try to rectify them.  Before the Exam, you must try 2-3 mock tests to know where you are lacking. Once you practiced the mock tests, you will not face any difficulty in Real Exam. And most likely, you will be able to get your desired score.


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