Retell Lecture

What to do in PTE Retell Lecture section?

You will see an image and after 10 seconds, speak out into the microphone and retell what you just hear from the lecture in your own words. You have 40 seconds to give your response.

You will get 3-4 tasks on your exam day. The most important thing in PTE Retell lecture task is to learn the sequence of this task.

  1. Pre-listening (3 seconds), to look the image and get the idea, what the lecture is about.
  2. Listen (60 -90 seconds), listen to the audio recording or an interview.
  3. Prepare to speak (10 seconds), look into your notes and create a short story.
  4. Speak (40 seconds)

How you’re scored?

Content: 0-5 points

Pronunciation: 0-5 points

Oral fluency: 0-5 points

PTE Retell lecture tips

In PTE Retell lecture it is very important to make notes, as you hear the lecture. Make notes of keywords such as Nouns, Adjectives, and verbs. You can use a predefined template and don’t stop speaking for at least 35 seconds.  Speak fluently and with correct pronunciation. Always mention the topic name (what the topic is about) Also, make a flow chart of the discussion.  Very important point is to be careful about Past, Present, and Future tense. If you spoke for 30 -35 seconds then don’t start a new sentence.  Don’t write complete words or sentences.  It is very important to think in English what you are going to say. Don’t translate from your native language into English.

The template you can follow

The speaker was discussing (Topic name)
He/She mentioned (Keyword 1)
He talked about (Keyword 2)
He discussed (Keyword 3)
He suggested that (Keyword 4)


In this lecture, Speaker talked about ……………… 2-3 points: According to the speaker / He said ………….. In conclusion, or Overall speaker mentioned…………..

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